Bragging Rights

There were many things I wanted to say this morning but the one verse that jumped out at me was this:

Brag about His holy name;
    let your heart rejoice in following the Eternal.

1 Chronicles 16:10

When was the last time you bragged about God?

I joined a gym recently and I have persuaded 4 other people to join and am still working on more. I talk about it, I show off how it’s helped me…

When was the last time I showed off about God?

I did a vocabulary thing on Facebook and posted the result because I was smug and proud about how many words I know…

When was the last time I was smug and proud about God?

I wonder how many of you got uncomfortable with the thought of bragging? Maybe it’s a Brit thing but the word has overtones that make me leery of using it. One shouldn’t brag about oneself – but I’m not. If I brag about God I am bragging, exalting, pointing to Him.

I was eager to let everyone know when my daughters made Dean’s honour roll and when one graduated (and will be when the other graduates). (I went back to add ‘Dean’s’ there because I wanted to be sure you appreciated their accomplishments…)

When was the last time I was eager to let people know what God has done?

Give thanks to the Eternal, and call out to Him.
    Teach the people His deeds.
Sing to Him! Sing praises to Him!
    Talk about all His wonders.

1 Chronicles 16:8-9

When did I teach the people His deeds by what I say? Yes, I am doing it here in my blog, but 5-6 days a week for an hour? That doesn’t sound like I have much to brag about….

I think my priorities are skewed… are the number of Pokemon I catch, the amount of weight I lose, the success of my children, the conquests of my football team, the latest album from a band, the recipe I made for dinner, the new dress I have my eye on, the car I purchased, the aches in my bones, the new couch, the number of likes on my blog, the distance I walk etc. really the best things I can brag about?

David dances before the Ark, he exalts and exults in God and His deeds and accomplishments, his wife despises him but God approves and calls him a man after His own heart. Who am I interested in pleasing?

As always Two Rivers has something worth sharing on this. Watch and listen to the videos.

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