Fertile Ground

These thoughts started on Monday when I read James 1:13-18 which is my text for this week. FYI I'm doing this 40-day retreat but spending a week for each day - which has been marvellous so far. Anyway, that was the text that started this, then came an emphasis on daily quiet time from EDWJ. Tuesday brought a … Continue reading Fertile Ground


Stay on Course

My dearly loved brothers and sisters, don’t be misled. James 1:16 Don't be mistaken, don't err, don't be fooled. don't be seduced. Direct instructions but about what? Context is everything. The context here is James talking about God, about relationship and trust; about believing God is good. I quoted Oswald Chambers in a blog a few years … Continue reading Stay on Course


We are amazing creatures. Our bodies have so much ingenuity built into them - breathing, heart beating, even the fact that we are all uniquely individual despite a limited amount of details to use. What's most astonishing is that so many of these things that maintain the smooth running of my body are self-regulating. My … Continue reading Autonomic


What comes to your mind when you see the word repent? I used to spend an hour on Sunday afternoons at the main bus station in my hometown with a group of evangelists preaching the Gospel. We used to do open-air evangelism on Saturdays in the shopping centre armed with a sketchboard or mimes, equipped with tracts … Continue reading Metanoia

In View of

My secret pleasure is watching house programmes. I love the 'remake your house shows' and the 'search for a new home shows'. What I sometimes love most is marvelling at the pickiness of people. I listen to mothers demanding open plan designs because the thought of being in a different room from their children while cooking … Continue reading In View of