The Lord Liveth!

I have a song ringing in my head this morning. I'm just going to leave you with chapter and verse and a blast from the past. 46 The Lord liveth; and blessed be my rock; and let the God of my salvation be exalted. Psalm 18:46 KJV It's a good verse to have resounding in your heart all … Continue reading The Lord Liveth!


Ordered to Rest

I will bless the Eternal, whose wise teaching orchestrates my days     and centers my mind at night. Psalm 16:7 If you asked me what most often stops me praying, doing things I want to do, feeling at peace or keeps me awake I would say thoughts. Thinking - ideas, questions, arguments, scenarios, 'what-ifs' running around … Continue reading Ordered to Rest

Cover Your Face

I read Psalm 51 yesterday. I pretty much know it by heart - its sentiments are very close to this wayward heart but a different translation can bring fresh thoughts and verse 9 made me pause. Cover Your face so You will not see my sins,     and erase my guilt from the record. Psalm 51:9 I'm … Continue reading Cover Your Face


It's amazing how we can see things differently from one day to the next. Both positively and negatively our minds are truly incredible creations. Sometimes it's just having time to think and consider and sometimes it's input from another source. This morning I was reading Psalm 4 and the first verse made me stop and … Continue reading Re-Viewed


Well, I am very late this morning. I had just finished the Psalm part of my daily readings (I need to go check I actually finished because God spoke to me about the first couple of verses and I was distracted when the emergency happened) when my eldest daughter arrived in distraught tears because someone … Continue reading Designed