Life Matters

A memory or a reminder?

Shiny Thoughts

A short phrase with a lot of weight. I’m sure some of you (if not all) have seen the hashtags being used. I’m not getting into that debate, but I was struck by the different ways the phrase in my title can be used. Am I saying LIFE matters or am I saying life MATTERS or am I talking about matters(issues) concerned with life?

All of them I think. I look around and see so many people whose lives don’t matter to me. Because if they did I would care more, I would pray more, I would do more. Not just if they have life but the quality of that life. Why should I care? Because God does.

Do I think God intended us to live in such inequality? Where some of us go to bed at night, safe, warm, overfed and surrounded by comfort while others shiver in the cold…

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