So Now What?

I’m very confident that my political leaning is both right (no pun intended and no indication given by that word) and godly. I can defend it. passionately. I can argue for it with scripture.

I have friends, good Christian people who feel equally passionately about the opposite side.

So now what?

So now what? We who are strong are not just to satisfy our own desires. We are called to carry the weaknesses of those who are not strong.

Romans 15:1

I’m not called to be right. I am called to love. I am called to be righteous and holy. I am called to demonstrate Him by love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control. I am certainly not called to berate or even argue with those with whom I disagree.

Predictions are that whatever the results of today’s election in the US there will be riots, discontent, division. My brothers and sisters in Christ let’s not be part of that. He is in control and He has plans and purposes. Our call is to love, to be salt and light. Let’s do that.

So now what? Now we do what we were created to do. We love Him, we love each other and most of all if we feel strong, that we are right – we consider the weak. We love them not by telling them they are weak and wrong and failing but that He is good, He is worthy and we are all in this race together. We show the world what it means to be His.

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