Lip Balm

In the petrol station yesterday buying a map I had to use a card so I decided to buy something else to take the total over $10 and decided on a handy lip balm on the counter. A girl can’t have too much lip balm in my opinion. This is a ball that unscrews to reveal zingy mint flavoured slick. It’s so good I want to keep applying it. I like zing, I love chai latte (extra-hot, low fat milk) because the spices also zing in my mouth. Something I read this morning, and a phrase (kiss the son) that has been ringing in my head for years started me thinking.

Elijah is complaining to God that he is the only faithful one left in Israel. God patiently puts him straight.

18 Yet I reserve seven thousand in Israel—all whose knees have not bowed down to Baal and whose mouths have not kissed him.”

1 Kings 19:18

If you read around this passage, you’ll see Ahab and Jezebel, rulers of Israel, were leading the people into total idolatry culminating in building a temple to the false god Baal. Interesting that these 7000 people neither bowed to Baal nor kissed him. You could bow to someone and get away with it – fingers crossed style perhaps. But a kiss? Kissing is a sign of respect, affection, love. We kiss friends, family, those we love. It has been traditional to kiss the rings of powerful people, to kiss the feet of things, to kiss the ground. I tried to research and could find nothing but lessons on how to kiss until I phrased the question well enough to get to what I wanted; learning more about kissing than I imagined possible on the way! Apparently people used to draw an X on the document then kiss to make it legal. The x symbolising a kiss exists today. Interesting that God said they had not kissed Baal: not entered into agreement, pledged loyalty, signed up with it. There’s a reason we have special disgust for the betrayal of Jesus with a kiss, or for those who kiss and tell. Some kisses are serious things.

Conversely we’re told in Psalm 2 to kiss the son. To give the sign of relationship, friendship, faithfulness to the Son to pay homage and respect to jesus. But more than just respect – kisses imply intimacy, particularly lip to lip kisses.

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth—
    for your love is more delightful than wine.

Song of Songs 1:2

Woah… this is a descriptive song between a man and woman who are deeply, passionately in love. It is certainly about the physical love between the couple but to be in the Bible, included in the holy inspired word of God, it must have spiritual significance. It shows the passion and commitment God has towards us and we should in turn have towards Him. It foreshadows the marriage of the Lamb and His bride – His people.

My lips are important. Lip balm physically protects my lips, softens them, keeps in moisture and tastes good. God wants to spiritually balm my lips, with kindness, with love, with mercy, with truth so that they are ready to worship Him, to praise Him. He wants me to be sure that the words I speak measure up to the contract I made when I became His. He wants to protect them, soften them, and make sure they are used for the purposes He intended – to tell everyone just how awesome He is. He also wants to bless me, to let me taste and see that He is good. That lip balm doesn’t come in a tube it comes in something much better – a relationship with a living person who is always with me and never gets lost at the bottom of my bag! And just to tie back to the start He zings in all of my life!

One thought on “Lip Balm

  1. Our kiss implies a devotion of worship and duty in this case. As the man received knighthood from his sovereign and kissed the sword in filial obedience. It is difficult to get at the depth of meaning in it, as today a kiss is given so easily and lacks the devotion in many cases.
    A difficult topic yet worthy of our thoughts and study so that we can begin to approach our Saviour with the full intent which took Him to the cross for us. No guile.
    Thank you for bringing it to us Jules.


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