So Now What?

I'm very confident that my political leaning is both right (no pun intended and no indication given by that word) and godly. I can defend it. passionately. I can argue for it with scripture. I have friends, good Christian people who feel equally passionately about the opposite side. So now what? So now what? We who … Continue reading So Now What?



I don't have a lot to say today. Just one thought that filled my walk first thing, hung around during my quiet time, stayed as I prayed and popped up again as I drove to work. If I don't love then everything I do is pointless. 'Duh Jules', you might say. Indeed, basic stuff but … Continue reading Harmony


I understand why we divide the Bible into chapter and verse. It makes it easier to find verses and to reference them to others. But sometimes, for me at least, it makes the reading of the passages a little too broken up. That's especially true when it comes to daily readings that end halfway through … Continue reading Choices