Life Matters

A memory or a reminder?

Shiny Thoughts

A short phrase with a lot of weight. I’m sure some of you (if not all) have seen the hashtags being used. I’m not getting into that debate, but I was struck by the different ways the phrase in my title can be used. Am I saying LIFE matters or am I saying life MATTERS or am I talking about matters(issues) concerned with life?

All of them I think. I look around and see so many people whose lives don’t matter to me. Because if they did I would care more, I would pray more, I would do more. Not just if they have life but the quality of that life. Why should I care? Because God does.

Do I think God intended us to live in such inequality? Where some of us go to bed at night, safe, warm, overfed and surrounded by comfort while others shiver in the cold…

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So Now What?

I'm very confident that my political leaning is both right (no pun intended and no indication given by that word) and godly. I can defend it. passionately. I can argue for it with scripture. I have friends, good Christian people who feel equally passionately about the opposite side. So now what? So now what? We who … Continue reading So Now What?


Hey Sparky! What Time Is It?

I used to think I wanted to see it all,

eyes wide open all day long,

but that was before I stepped out of the shadows

and into a head-on collision with the sun.

In one piercing moment

I was knocked off my high horse,

face down in the dirt,

too stunned

too shaken

too awed

to move.

Now I have been blinded by the Light–

blinded to hopelessness,

unable and unwilling to see despair

as a viable option

even when its razor teeth are clenched around my ankle

and the air vibrates with its growl.

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Laying It Out

Reminder to myself of who I am and why I write.

Shiny Thoughts

Someone asked me earlier this week about my blogging, how it felt to share personal stuff and know anyone can read it. It bothered me at the start. I’d be typing and think – ‘I can’t share that’ or ‘that’s too personal’ or ‘what will they think?’ There’ve been times when I have deleted passages refusing to write them and had to retype them because there was nothing else to say – nothing real anyway. I have only one aim when I write, that what I write is real coming right from my heart from what I believe God is saying. I make no claim to be inspired for anyone but myself but I live in the hope that what God is saying to me that is for sharing might be helpful to someone else. I think like all things we do sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t but…

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I forgot to blow the dust off here yesterday, so here I am again with a duster and some polish - want to make it nice and shiny for you all. Since January 2018, I've been spending time meditating on one passage or verse of scripture for as long as it takes God to move … Continue reading אֶשֶׁר

Four Reasons to Keep Children Out of Adult Worship Services



There are plenty of reasons given to send children away, when adults begin to worship. Below, are the four most common reasons I’ve heard to send kids out of the church’s regular worship. None of them are good, though some can be tempting. They all come with heavy consequences for the congregation, the parents, and the children.

Growing up I had never attended a church that separated kids from adults. It wasn’t until I was in high school that I encountered a church that was set up in such a way to make that split possible. This church had three services on Sunday morning. Their Sunday school/Bible study hour happened at the same time as the middle service. Many of my friends were members of this church and so I attended the high school Bible study with them for a while. I was caught off guard one morning, when one…

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Let me see clearly so that I may take in the amazing things coming from Your law. Psalm 119:18 Let me see clearly - clearly is the word that prodded me there. It's not enough to just see. I see lots of things. I look around my room and I see everything. I see them clearly too … Continue reading Blurry