As I sit this morning considering what to say – and my mind is full of so many things – the words ‘closer and deeper’ won’t go away. Psalm 84 isn’t today’s reading and I wrote about it the first time it came around this year but, although the words are very familiar, this time they resonated a little more.

I was met with friends on Friday and we prayed to be closer to God. Something I had heard earlier in the week brought me such joy. It’s awesome when we want to get closer to God. Awesome because not only is it becoming the desire of our hearts but it is, and has always been, the desire of HIS heart.

When I turn my heart towards God to know Him better, to seek His face, to covet that holiness He wants for me then I find He is right there ready, eager, overjoyed to work with me to find it, attain it, apply it.

I am so blind sometimes. Blind not just to His will but to His Presence. I don’t recognise the longing He has for me to be close, to know Him better. It’s as if I think I am the instigator when in fact, I am the responder.

Blessed are those who make You their strength,
    for they treasure every step of the journey [to Zion].[a]
On their way through the valley of Baca,
    they stop and dig wells to collect the refreshing spring water,
    and the early rains fill the pools.
They journey from place to place, gaining strength along the way;
    until they meet God in Zion.

Psalm 84:5-7

Dig into these verses.

They treasure every step of the journey… it’s not just about the arrival although that will be glorious – along the way there are springs of living water. Think about it; as we journey to God’s house He is there on the way. He prepares places for us to pause and be refreshed. Places we have to dig to find the water and places where the rain provides a natural pool from which we can drink.

The journey isn’t one where we arrive exhausted barely making it by the skin of our teeth. It’s a journey where we go from strength to strength, accompanied by His loving presence, encouraged by His Holy Spirit, following the example of Jesus until we meet Him face to face – and what a day that will be!

He longs for me to come closer. He’s standing at the door knocking. He’s told me to seek Him and keep on seeking Him. He’s not a capricious God who stands with folded arms shaking His head saying “Nope, too late you missed it sucker”. He is the Prodigal Father racing towards me open armed with joy.


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