Sure, Kings Had Castles…But Did They Have Wi-Fi?



“We live better than kings. Grab a crown.” Castles are majestic, they’re powerful, and they’re well-fortified against revolutionary uprisings. Nothing screams power and wealth and status like a castle with soaring turrets. But even the poorest among us live better than kings.

“We live better than kings. 

Grab a crown. Most of us are far healthier, far more comfortable and have far more opportunities and diversions available to us than 99 percent of all the monarchs, emperors, maharajahs and other potentates who’ve ever lived. We live longer, eat better and travel farther than the richest and most blessed people in virtually every other generation in every land in history.
– Eric Zorn

Stumbling upon this quote and title from a piece that Eric wrote in 2004, that thought struck me. “We live better than kings.” How true that is. And yet, I’m not sure how often we stop to think…

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