Thirst Quenching

The Christian life is unselfishly focussed outwards towards God and other people. The two great commandments  are first to love God with all your heart, soul and mind and secondly to love your neighbour as yourself. What joy to have those two clear and perfect rules governing my life. 

However, seems to me that before we can be so unselfish we have to get selfish.

Loving God requires me to love myself.

Loving my neighbour requires me to love myself. 

To seek God with all my heart, soul and mind is selfish. The pleasure I have in His presence, the blessing I receive from loving Him and experiencing His love means I would have to be crazy to walk away from it. I think David agrees.

You, God, are my God,
    earnestly I seek you;
I thirst for you,
    my whole being longs for you,
in a dry and parched land
    where there is no water.

          Psalm 63:1 NIV

God—you’re my God!
    I can’t get enough of you!

      Psalm 63:1a The Message

David is desperate for God. He NEEDS. He knows that without that relationship he will die of thirst and starvation and he isn’t too proud to beg.

I have felt like that. I wish I could say I felt like that all the time but I don’t. I get distracted and forget but fortunately He is faithful and draws me back.

For me first thing in the morning is when I have to get private with God. Read, pray, listen, study, fill up. If I don’t do it first then my day fills up and before I know it, it’s bedtime and I am too tired. Other people have their time at the end of the day, or during the day – I am not saying it has to be first thing for everyone. It doesn’t matter when, what matters is that we do it. 

If I don’t get close with God regularly, then I don’t love Him. I spend time with people I love. I think about them during the day when I see or hear something I know they would like. I consider their reactions to decisions I make. I want to speak with them, listen to them, see them. That’s mortal people, imperfect people. If I feel like that about them how much more should I want to spend time with a perfect immortal Father?

I cannot express how grateful I am that He has pursued me and been patient with me. More than that He wants to spend time with me too, to speak to me, to listen to me. He wants to be on my mind during the day, to be considered when I make decisions. for me to talk to Him like I might talk to my husband or sister on the cell phone (never any reception problems in Heaven – just my end sometimes 😉 ).

More than that, unless I love Him like that, and love myself enough to value the time there is no way I can love my neighbour. It’s not in this mortal, sinful body to care all the time. I can do it sometimes, I can do it for some people most of the time but all the time? Nope not this girl. I need to be in conversation with the Spirit dwelling with in me to be able to put out that constant love.

So I am getting selfish. Morning quiet time is my number one priority. It’s an appointment that’s not negotiable no matter how warm my bed is or what business I have to get done. Being a Brit I can use this analogy. If the Queen was coming for tea I would make sure I was in. Well the King is already here, seems only right I should spend some quality time with Him.

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