I don't have a lot to say today. Just one thought that filled my walk first thing, hung around during my quiet time, stayed as I prayed and popped up again as I drove to work. If I don't love then everything I do is pointless. 'Duh Jules', you might say. Indeed, basic stuff but … Continue reading Harmony

How About Could?

What if instead of saying I should be holy I said I could be? What if instead of saying I should be praying I said I could be? What if instead of saying I should be kinder I said I could be? I wonder if you hear the difference or if it is just me? I was thinking … Continue reading How About Could?

Second Best?

Joshua had some huge shoes to fill, he's appointed the leader and immediately the writer says: 10 Since then there’s never been another prophet in Israel like Moses. The Eternal knew him face-to-face! 11 No one has ever done anything like the amazing things ..... 12 .....shown such great power or done such terrifying things as everyone in … Continue reading Second Best?

Flint Knives

I'm reading a book called Sun Stand Still and it is awesome, it will challenge you and change you so don't buy it unless you want to have the sort of audacious faith that changes first yourself and then others. If you do want that then it is $15 well spent. Anyway, the chapter I read … Continue reading Flint Knives