How to Dress Part 3

Wake up, fair Zion; dress in your strength.     Put on your most elegant clothes, O Jerusalem, holy city. Isaiah 52:1a Isaiah says 'clothe yourself with strength. (I have the first line of a song with those words ringing in my head). Get dressed, pick up what you have been given and put it on.  Elegance and strength don't … Continue reading How to Dress Part 3

Walk Wisely

I've had a pleasant hour browsing through the blogs that arrived in my inbox today, catching up with the ones I didn't read over the weekend cos of the busyness and a wander around some other places. All the time the question of what I will share with you at the back of my mind. … Continue reading Walk Wisely

Ladies in White

I've written about the persecuted church before. I am going to do so now and will very likely share again in the future. This morning I got my newsletter, it comes every Saturday, there were several accounts of persecution, a whole prayer section on South-East Asia, updates on kidnapped Nigerian girls and information about a … Continue reading Ladies in White

Do You Care?

Saturday is the day I get a prayer update from a group called Christian Solidarity Worldwide. This week I read about persecution in China, I saw they were organising a 24-hour prayer vigil for Zhang Kai. Throughout Lent, they are praying for different regions and this week it is the Middle East and North Africa. Do … Continue reading Do You Care?