2 and live in love as the Anointed One loved you—so much that He gave Himself as a fragrant sacrifice, pleasing God. Ephesians 5:2 I got to thinking about being fragrant. There are some gorgeous fragrances out there - flowers, bacon, fresh baking, clean washing, natural and man-made scents that delight our senses. Then there are … Continue reading Fragrant


Cover Your Face

I read Psalm 51 yesterday. I pretty much know it by heart - its sentiments are very close to this wayward heart but a different translation can bring fresh thoughts and verse 9 made me pause. Cover Your face so You will not see my sins,     and erase my guilt from the record. Psalm 51:9 I'm … Continue reading Cover Your Face

Bite the Bullet

I realised this morning that there are some changes I just hate. I received an email from Microsoft last year about the decommissioning of Live Mail in Windows, I took a look at the Mail app in Windows 10 and stuck my head in the sand ignoring it. They sent me another email last month … Continue reading Bite the Bullet


Before we know the God of Love we can be in any number of places: disbelief in His existence, doubt of that existence, fear and worry that He is real, terror because we know He is real. Then we come to know Him: we meet the God of Love who came down to earth so … Continue reading Immanuel