In The Presence

Psalm 84 is a beautiful declaration of love for God and expression of a desire to know Him more. How I long to be there—my soul is spent,     wanting, waiting to walk in the courts of the Eternal. My whole being sings joyfully     to the living God. Psalm 84:2 The writer longs to be in … Continue reading In The Presence


Please Remember

I am praying through this booklet during Ramadam. I used it last year and it is an extremely informative, helpful and profoundly moving tool. Yesterday I read this: "We often face troubles but still we are praising God. We have a saying, 'If you are arrested, praise God that you have not been beaten. If … Continue reading Please Remember

One Short Hour

Prayer day once again. I'm sharing some of the prayer requests I received today and during the past week and recommend this website to you once again / Pray for Miriam the 93 year old lady who is the only Christian left in her Iraqi village, her family, friends have been driven out by Islamic … Continue reading One Short Hour


There's no blog today because I want to spend the time I would have been writing on this site All I had to say was one phrase anyway. God is good Come pray.