We are amazing creatures. Our bodies have so much ingenuity built into them - breathing, heart beating, even the fact that we are all uniquely individual despite a limited amount of details to use. What's most astonishing is that so many of these things that maintain the smooth running of my body are self-regulating. My … Continue reading Autonomic



Sometimes things grab you by the throat and shake you til you can't ignore them. Other times things just sit there in front of you immovable until you can't ignore them. And sometimes things you have seen and read many times pop off the page and wave at you because now is the right time … Continue reading Ooze

Game Changer

Who would like to confess with me that sometimes we don't give the genealogies enough attention? I read them, but the names are strange and I skip from line to line scanning over the list. Maybe it's just me, I have had a few pokes from the Holy Spirit about people and their significance as … Continue reading Game Changer


Jesus: 53 I tell you the truth; unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you will not know life. John 6:53 This must be one of the weirdest, most misunderstood, most mocked and most difficult things Jesus said. I spent time this morning thinking about it, turning it round in … Continue reading Consumed


You Only Live Once. Maybe you've heard that phrase. I'd be amazed if you haven't, it was everywhere. It was used as an excuse for every foolish, brave, amazing or ridiculous thing people did. The idea isn't new if you check wiki there've been other sayings with a similar theme. Basically, to me, it can … Continue reading YOLO