Not Confusing At All

People say the Bible is confusing, that God changes from 'Old Testament wrath' to 'New Testament love', that the rules and regulations are contradictory. We need to read the Bible with the help of the Holy Spirit because then things become easier to understand. It's very clear in the readings today that there's a choice for … Continue reading Not Confusing At All

Kingdom Come

The problem with doing the same daily readings every year is that you end up reading the same passage on the same day and sometimes when you do you end up having the same thoughts. I say problem, I'm not sure it is a problem really because some messages need repeating - and always will … Continue reading Kingdom Come


If you have spent any time on social media you might have seen the multitude of quizzes that have arisen. There must be a million sites where people can design - and I use the word loosely - a quiz to tell you what colour you should dye your hair, or what your favourite food … Continue reading Represent!