Real, True Religion

I am reading JI Packer's Knowing God. This verse from Jeremiah came up in my current chapter. Then the other's followed in my reading. It felt like something I should take note of particularly in light of conversations I had and issues in the world that I read about. I don't have a lot to … Continue reading Real, True Religion



5 The good deeds of the blameless pave a peaceful, productive path,     but wrongdoers trip over their own faults. 6 The good deeds of the upright will rescue them,     but the faithless will be conquered by their shallow desires. Proverbs 11:5-6 There's a familiar saying: "What goes around comes around." Basically, it means we get what we deserve. … Continue reading Karma?


It's amazing how we can see things differently from one day to the next. Both positively and negatively our minds are truly incredible creations. Sometimes it's just having time to think and consider and sometimes it's input from another source. This morning I was reading Psalm 4 and the first verse made me stop and … Continue reading Re-Viewed

A Proper Fear

41 They feared the Eternal One while at the same time serving their own idols. Their descendants have done the same ever since. 2 Kings 17:41 5 Hezekiah put his trust in the Eternal One, Israel’s God. Before and after his righteous reign, no other king ever compared to him in Judah. 6 He embraced the Eternal, and … Continue reading A Proper Fear

Sticky Residue

As I read through Luke's gospel I am finding passages that make me raise my eyebrows and wonder if they were added in since last time I read through it. Today I was in chapter 16 and need to spend some serious time contemplating it. However, a few verses jumped out at me as the they … Continue reading Sticky Residue