8 Once again a huge crowd had followed them, and they had nothing to eat. So Jesus called His disciples together. Jesus: 2 These people have been with Me for three days without food. They’re hungry, and I am concerned for them. 3 If I try to send them home now, they’ll faint along the way because many … Continue reading Lavish

Kingdom Come

The problem with doing the same daily readings every year is that you end up reading the same passage on the same day and sometimes when you do you end up having the same thoughts. I say problem, I'm not sure it is a problem really because some messages need repeating - and always will … Continue reading Kingdom Come

Unseen Servants

I've been thinking a lot about the Kingdom recently, mainly because of the chapters in Matthew. This morning was another chapter and Jesus ends with some very clear words. 26 This is the Kingdom’s logic: whoever wants to become great must first make himself a servant; 27 whoever wants to be first must bind himself as a … Continue reading Unseen Servants