I mentioned the other day that I love Paul's letter to the Colossians, It was my daily reading a week or so ago and one verse has remained with me demanding I write about it so here goes. 7 Let your roots grow down deeply in Him, and let Him build you up on a firm foundation. … Continue reading Foundation

Not My Job

I had a grump in Costco. It started in the carpark when other drivers showed a complete lack of common sense and courtesy. It continued in the store when the girl cutting up smoked cheddar samples was obviously in a bad mood and made several of us wait for the sliver of tasty cheesy goodness. … Continue reading Not My Job


Blessed are those who are pure in heart—they will see God. Matthew 5:8 Blessed - shown favour, honoured, made holy, happy. Pure - clean, without spot, without pollution, free from foreign elements, unaffected. Heart - seat of emotion, spirit, place of understanding, the centre. See - look at, know, understand, visit. Happy are those who keep the … Continue reading Unpacking