So today we started reading about Esther. I see her as a quiet, demure, beautiful young woman. She's pretty much the image of all that makes a perfect woman, she is that heroine in old movies who waited patiently to be rescued relying on the men around her to guide and lead her, to advise her. And … Continue reading Free-Loader?

A Proper Fear

41 They feared the Eternal One while at the same time serving their own idols. Their descendants have done the same ever since. 2 Kings 17:41 5 Hezekiah put his trust in the Eternal One, Israel’s God. Before and after his righteous reign, no other king ever compared to him in Judah. 6 He embraced the Eternal, and … Continue reading A Proper Fear


My verse for this week is: Those with knowledge know when to be quiet,     and those with understanding know how to remain calm. Proverbs 17:27 It came as one of those God answers because I was in the car driving and giving out exasperated 'seriouslys' at other drivers. I paused after one particularly passionate one … Continue reading Seriously?