To keep you up to date I chose my first verse yesterday and began the process of learning it. Today I went through the 5 steps I've adopted - read, write, say, sing, pray. Be thankful, be very thankful that this is not an audio blog because only my Father could love step 4. But … Continue reading Abundant

Who am I?

Not a question you hear much out and about, unless you are in a movie and the character is an amnesiac. But if we could read people's minds I think it's a much more common question than we suspect. Or perhaps variations of the question. Identity is a huge issue just look in any 'trendy' … Continue reading Who am I?


Daylight Savings is supposed to beckon us towards the summer so why is it I just want to spend longer in bed? It has never felt as warm, as snuggly, as down right inviting as it does currently every morning when my alarm goes off. Thank goodness for snooze function as my hand creeps across … Continue reading Priorities


Sitting on my bed this morning: bible ready, journal at hand, pens sharpened, coffee cup loaded and just taking time to listen before I started to read.  I felt His presence. I thought of being before the Creator of everything. The One who dwells in unapproachable light. The great I Am. In His presence. Not … Continue reading Child