So Now What?

I'm very confident that my political leaning is both right (no pun intended and no indication given by that word) and godly. I can defend it. passionately. I can argue for it with scripture. I have friends, good Christian people who feel equally passionately about the opposite side. So now what? So now what? We who … Continue reading So Now What?



What is interesting right now is that I have just wasted around 40 minutes on Facebook while telling myself I need to come here and write. Just a second, just a second, just a second and 40 minutes later... It's interesting because I have been contemplating self-control; that fruit of the Holy Spirit, that essential … Continue reading Cogs


O God, that You would be lifted up above the heavens in the hearts of Your people     until the whole earth knows Your glory. Psalm 108:5 The words in italics aren't in the Hebrew, they are additions by the people who put the Voice translation together that they think will help us understand the intent of … Continue reading Lifted

Choose Joy

I was thinking about Joy and looking for an image because images are cool and sometimes get the point across more effectively that words. I came across a quote and liked it so let's have a look: Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are. Marianne … Continue reading Choose Joy