Do Not Like

There's a lot of shouting going on about 'rights', about what we are entitled to, what's ours and what we are going to do to make sure no-one takes anything away from us. I'm not going to get into that political, emotional discussion, not commenting on that hotbed of feels - except where it applies … Continue reading Do Not Like

Not My Job

I had a grump in Costco. It started in the carpark when other drivers showed a complete lack of common sense and courtesy. It continued in the store when the girl cutting up smoked cheddar samples was obviously in a bad mood and made several of us wait for the sliver of tasty cheesy goodness. … Continue reading Not My Job

Fire Blanket

I had slippery thoughts this morning. Not ones that I wanted to keep hold of to remember but couldn't grasp, the other ones. You know the ones: no matter how hard you try to keep hold of them and stop them they slither and squirm through your fingers. I had a picture - in fact, … Continue reading Fire Blanket


To keep you up to date I chose my first verse yesterday and began the process of learning it. Today I went through the 5 steps I've adopted - read, write, say, sing, pray. Be thankful, be very thankful that this is not an audio blog because only my Father could love step 4. But … Continue reading Abundant


You ever have a time when you just can't clear your head of things? Can't get it out of my head and now I have Kylie singing too. I was trying to pray and read this morning while my mind kept sliding back to something I'd been doing at the weekend. Nothing bad but something … Continue reading Steady