Stay on Course

My dearly loved brothers and sisters, don’t be misled. James 1:16 Don't be mistaken, don't err, don't be fooled. don't be seduced. Direct instructions but about what? Context is everything. The context here is James talking about God, about relationship and trust; about believing God is good. I quoted Oswald Chambers in a blog a few years … Continue reading Stay on Course


What comes to your mind when you see the word repent? I used to spend an hour on Sunday afternoons at the main bus station in my hometown with a group of evangelists preaching the Gospel. We used to do open-air evangelism on Saturdays in the shopping centre armed with a sketchboard or mimes, equipped with tracts … Continue reading Metanoia

Badger, Badger

It is better to dwell outside on the corner of your roof     than to live inside your house with a badgering wife. Proverbs 25:24 We had an incredible amount of rain yesterday, welcome to Raincouver and that brought a new poignancy to this proverb. Roads were flooded, cars were swamped, people were drenched, and dogs were unwalked (by his choice … Continue reading Badger, Badger

Eyes On Me

Well, what a day! This isn't a political post but I'd like to comment on something I heard as I watched the results come in. The commentators were discussing how Hillary lost. They talked about the way both candidates were seen. They talked about the perceptions people gained from listening to talk about the candidates and … Continue reading Eyes On Me