Make Space

Wow, it is dusty in here... I've been busy in the mornings which is my time to write. But today I had a burning desire to share something with you. I wrote 3 years ago about today's verse. X Marks the Spot. I stand by what I wrote then, this is an extension I think. Deep … Continue reading Make Space


 He found Saul and brought him back to Antioch. The two of them spent an entire year there, meeting with the church and teaching huge numbers of people.It was there, in Antioch, where the term “Christian” was first used to identify disciples of Jesus. Acts 11:26 Paul was a marvellous servant of God. His work, … Continue reading Externalise

Do Not Like

There's a lot of shouting going on about 'rights', about what we are entitled to, what's ours and what we are going to do to make sure no-one takes anything away from us. I'm not going to get into that political, emotional discussion, not commenting on that hotbed of feels - except where it applies … Continue reading Do Not Like

Eyes On Me

Well, what a day! This isn't a political post but I'd like to comment on something I heard as I watched the results come in. The commentators were discussing how Hillary lost. They talked about the way both candidates were seen. They talked about the perceptions people gained from listening to talk about the candidates and … Continue reading Eyes On Me