Jump for Joy!

I don't know what comes to your mind when you think about 'prayer'. It's a word that carries a lot of weight. Guilt because we don't do it enough? Fear because we don't know what to say? Worry in case we forget someone and they don't get the healing/answer? Jesus prayed a lot. If you … Continue reading Jump for Joy!



I made New Year resolutions, 4 in fact. Three were the continued from last year and the 4th was to pray immediately. Not to say 'oh I'll pray for you' and do it at a particular 'special' time but to stop and take the time then and there to pray for the person or situation, … Continue reading Rooted

One Short Hour

Prayer day once again. I'm sharing some of the prayer requests I received today and during the past week and recommend this website to you once again /https://www.icommittopray.com/ Pray for Miriam the 93 year old lady who is the only Christian left in her Iraqi village, her family, friends have been driven out by Islamic … Continue reading One Short Hour