Laying It Out

Reminder to myself of who I am and why I write.

Shiny Thoughts

Someone asked me earlier this week about my blogging, how it felt to share personal stuff and know anyone can read it. It bothered me at the start. I’d be typing and think – ‘I can’t share that’ or ‘that’s too personal’ or ‘what will they think?’ There’ve been times when I have deleted passages refusing to write them and had to retype them because there was nothing else to say – nothing real anyway. I have only one aim when I write, that what I write is real coming right from my heart from what I believe God is saying. I make no claim to be inspired for anyone but myself but I live in the hope that what God is saying to me that is for sharing might be helpful to someone else. I think like all things we do sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t but…

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