Take Another Drink

I was walking our dog this morning when we bumped into a lady with her dog. I’d seen her once before but we’d not spoken, however, this morning our dogs connected and we exchanged a few words, a smile and that feeling of a kindred soul. As we parted and I walked on I started questioning what kind of impact I’d had. The rational voice in my head said quite correctly – “It takes time. You have to build equity with people.”

Correct, our actions, how we behave speaks louder than our words more often than not. But I looked up (inwardly) and said to Jesus “How did you speak to the woman at the well? It was the first time you met her and you literally just asked her for a drink of water and bam – you changed her life. How do I get to that point?”

“You ask me for a cup of water. You keep asking and drinking until you’re so full up you splash.”

I started asking for a cup of water. I want to drink as much as I can. I want to be filled up and overflowing. I want to build equity and be immediate. I want to be like Him.

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