How About Could?

What if instead of saying I should be holy I said I could be?

What if instead of saying I should be praying I said I could be?

What if instead of saying I should be kinder I said I could be?

I wonder if you hear the difference or if it is just me?

I was thinking this morning as I read my week’s verse, one I wrote about a few days ago and was reinforcing its message, jotting in my journal when all of a sudden that thought came to me. Could not should.

I don’t think ‘I should be reading’ when I am busy, I think I could be – there’s a longing in that thought, a regret that I am not because I would so much rather be. It’s desire driven. How awesome would it be if I stopped in the middle of a situation where I am ‘badgering’ and thought I could be loving instead of I should be loving.  Do you hear the difference? Do you hear the attitude adjustment? ‘Should’ has that edge of duty and guilt and condemnation because I am not. It has that urging to make myself better. At least it does when I say it. But could….

That word has the longing, the desire, the wish and the want and the ‘oh yes please’. Could is softer because it comes from my heart not so much my head. It says I am able – not that I ought to. Yes, I should – I know I should, but the attitude of COULD is better. It’s the difference between love and duty.

17 For You are the beauty of their strength.
    Psalm 89:17

Could means relying on Him. I can’t do it in myself but in Him, I can do all things so I could be doing ___, ____ or _____ (fill in the blanks) if I really wanted.

He is the beauty in any strength I show. It’s always all about Him. His grace, His mercy, His patience, His generosity, His overwhelming tenderness and concern are what make it possible for us to be able to be more than we can ask or imagine, to be all He desires us, created us to be.

I could be holy because He has set me apart and made it possible. That puts a smile on my face and a spring in my step.



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