Dressed for Success?

Wow, it’s been a while since I wrote here, longest gap since I started. Lots of things going on with me: changes, growth and loss but all good and nothing that compares to the joy of knowing Him!

On that note, I had a verse today that made me go ‘Hmmm’ – in a good way.

… What we crave above all is to be clothed so that what is temporary and mortal can be wrapped completely in life.

2 Corinthians 5:4

Paul is talking about the reality of life. Not what we perceive as real because of what happens around us but the real reality that we recognise and long for once we come into relationship with Reality aka the great I AM.

Clothed in what?

Clothed in Him. Covered by His blood. Robed in His righteousness. It’s under that covering that we find peace. It’s when we are dressed in that couture (the best exclusive custom-fitted clothing) that we find joy.

Being clothed in Him is where real Life is found. Abundant Life, Life to the full. A Life that is pressed down and overflowing with good things.

I blogged about the result of this life in 2015. Thriving, that’s the word for this Life. A baby is said to be thriving when it grows. When it develops into its potential. When our mortality is wrapped in Him, covered by Him we move towards the potential He gave us. Who better to guide and direct us into fullness and completion than the One who designed us in the first place?

I am not one for fashion… anyone who knows me can confirm that but this is one Designer whose every offering I want to pursue whatever the cost. Clothed in His ‘collection’ I can face the world and all its challenges confident that nothing can stop me.


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