Best Investment Advice

Investments are always big news. Will my pension mature so I can continue my standard of living? Is that stock going to dip and lose me millions (hah!)? What would be a wise place to put this money so I get a good return? Canadian interest rates might be taking a hike making those who invested huge sums in property gulp. Jesus spoke about it when he gave the parable of the talents and the servants were rewarded for investing their money to get a good return while the ‘one talent chap’ was chastised for not even putting it in a savings scheme rather than burying it.

We invest time in our children, in hobbies, in our homes, in church, in good works. We invest energy in sports, activities to keep us fit, in planning healthy meals. We invest effort in preparation for work or leisure or even relaxation on holiday.

I read about a super investment plan this morning. One with spectacular short-term results and even better long-term ones.

But the Eternal does take pleasure in those who worship Him,
    those who invest hope in His unfailing love.

Psalm 147:11

Bet you’ve never thought about that before. Invest hope – trust in, wait for. This is the same word Job used when he said “He might kill me but I will still hope in Him” It’s a word that means wait for, tarry, expect. It’s Noah and the dove as he waited for seven days before sending it out after the raven. He hoped, he invested those seven days trusting God to not abandon him.

Have you ever considered that God takes pleasure when we show our trust and love by hoping? Have you considered that hoping – trusting, believing when all evidence points the other way – is a form of worship because it gives worth to God? It tells Him that we believe what He says because we believe He is good and His compassion never fails.

Hope is huge. Paul says,

And hope will never fail to satisfy our deepest need because the Holy Spirit that was given to us has flooded our hearts with God’s love.

Romans 5:5

That’s the same idea – we can’t lose out when we hope in God and His promises. We always come out on top when we trust that His love for us is good and He has plans and purposes for us that will not harm us but prosper us (in so much more than money). Paul says in 1 Corinthians 13 that faith, hope and love remain. We concentrate on love because it is the greatest BUT hope is still up there, one of three. I’d be happy with a bronze medal in a race competing with faith and love – hope is NOT the loser there; I think we miss that, I know I have.

So how do we invest in hope? It’s hope in His unfailing love. Not hope in a lottery ticket or a bank account. It’s hope that what He has said He will do HE WILL DO. It’s hope that what He has done for others He will do for us. It’s hope that when He says we are new creations, that we are His children, that He has loved us with an everlasting love, that we can come to the Throne of Grace, that He does hear us, that we are redeemed, forgiven, restored that He MEANS it.

I’m going to remember that my hope is an investment that brings God pleasure – how great is that? I get the benefit of having hope in a world that more and more seems filled with hopelessness and I bring pleasure to the One I love! Win!

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