Truly Awesome

Those who stand in awe of the Eternal
– who follow wherever He leads,
committed in their hearts – experience His blessings!

Psalm 128:1

Awesome is a word thrown around a lot today. I admit to having used it myself this morning when I spoke with my mum about something that had happened. But was it really ‘awe’some?

The dictionary defines awe as an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, fear, etc., produced by that which is grand, sublime, extremely powerful, or the like. The power to inspire fear or reverence. But like so many other words (think about things you say you love or hate for example) its meaning gets lessened, changed maybe even twisted as it comes into common usage. 

The concert was awesome, the meal was awesome, her dad was awesome, the movie was awesome. Those things can’t even begin to compare with God and yet we use the same word to describe Him. I wonder if that lessens the awe we feel for Him. I suspect that, unless we take a firm grip on ourselves, it has to do so.

I don’t want to compare the feeling I have when I look at beautiful scenery with the honour and respect I give to God when I consider Him. I need the awe with which I revere God to be distinctly different from the respect I feel in any other situation or for any other person. Why? because the awe I have for God leads me to commit my heart to Him, to obey whatever He commands and to follow wherever He leads.

The awe I have for God that leads me to obey, commit, follow and even fear Him – in the biblical sense of fear that He is majestic and beyond any complete human understanding – brings His blessing. The Psalmist says that in verse 1 and repeats it in verse 4.

Such are the blessings the Eternal lavishes
    on those who stand in awe of Him!

Psalm 128:4

Blessed means to be in God’s favour, to be in a place of happiness, thankfulness, joy. It is true that God has no favourites, that we cannot earn His blessings. Grace is undeserved by us, mercy a free gift from God. But once we have understood that truth then there’s a call on us to obey, to walk, to live in ways that please Him and bring glory to Him.

It’s not that we earn things by being obedient but that we recognise just what God has done for us and continues to do. We see the hand of God in unexpected places and events. We have a deeper perspective on what blessing is and also about who God is. The more blessing we see the more we have a deeper awe and reverence for Him. The more awe and reverence we have for Him the more of His blessing we see around us.

My prayer is that today we will spend some time in His Presence giving the honour and respect He is due, being awed by His Glory and Holiness and then experiencing His blessings with thankful hearts.

One thought on “Truly Awesome

  1. Yes, our use of words often denuded them of their original meaning.
    How bereft we are of the truth they once embodied.
    Love is the primary example that springs to mind, in its 1 Corinthians 13 sense.
    Thank you for this Jules.


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