Down But Not Out

When I said, “My foot is slipping!”
    Your unfailing love, O Eternal One, held me up.

Psalm 94:18

I wrote yesterday about the two aspects of holding steady to the course we are running: trusting in God and staying in community. This morning both were put to the test.

I find when I have a ‘disturbance in the force’ – changes in the regular running of my day – I often feel down afterwards. I like to think I am unbound by routines and such, a free spirit open to whatever, but experience is teaching me I have a lot to learn…

We’ve been away for the weekend, 4 days of travel and hotels and eating out and unable to properly relax because it’s just not ‘home ‘ and this morning I felt distinctly off. I was praying, wrestling with being in His presence and being out of sorts. Then I read the Psalm above and God reminded me of people who love me.

It’s not like me to reach out to people. I am more the one who is reached out to. But He spoke and I listened. I picked up my phone and texted someone asking them to pray. Then another and finally a third. Three people who I know love me and who will pray for me.

Then I went back and clung to the verse above.

God works in many ways: directly by His hand, through His Word and through His people. This is a lesson I have been a very long time learning, I’ve written about my ‘independent’ tendencies before and it’s taken til now for me to start to learn to do as I am told in this area.- and it’s not completed yet.

God’s unfailing love is exactly that – unfailing. He will never let me down. But sometimes I need to remember that just as He wants to use me to show His love to others, He wants to use others to show His love to me…

Thank you Father, that your compassion never fails and You set us in situations to appreciate Your love and to grow in love for You and each other


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