How to Boil an Egg

Those who love discipline love knowledge,
    but fools hate any kind of correction.

Proverbs 12:1

Learning how to do anything from how to boil an egg to speaking a new language takes time, energy and focus. It also takes guidance. We follow a recipe, listen to a teacher, have a coach or ask for advice. Following the instructions, obeying the commands, copying the example helps us to learn how to do things safely and achieve the expected results.

I have boiled thousands of eggs in my life but I have never managed to consistently get them exactly as I like them because I am impatient and don’t use a timer. I recently asked a friend how he gets his eggs so perfect and he told me. Now it’s up to me to follow that guidance and take the extra seconds to start the timer. If I do then delicious soft yolks and hard whites will follow. If not then I’ll be hit and miss with them and have only myself to blame. I’ll be a fool if I continue to deny myself the toast soldier dunking just because I can’t be disciplined and set the timer.

If you love learning, you love the discipline that goes with it—
    how shortsighted to refuse correction!

Proverbs 12:1 The Message

It is shortsighted to reject those who know better than we do when they have the experience to point out our errors. Too often we do ignore them because of pride or fear. We’re scared of being thought stupid when in fact ignoring them is the stupid thing to do. We are too proud to accept correction or advice because we think they might look down on us or change their good opinion of us.

It’s a trap when we think this way especially in the Kingdom of God. We are one family and when I improve because of your help then we all benefit. The lessons and advice we can share with each other aren’t intended to make anyone feel small or inferior rather, they are to edify and build each other up. If I accept instruction from someone then both they and I benefit. They benefit because they can exercise their talents and show love and I benefit because I am built up and feel loved.

Our main teacher is the Holy Spirit

26 The Father is sending a great Helper, the Holy Spirit, in My name to teach you everything and to remind you of all I have said to you.

John 14:26

He loves us and wants to teach and guide us to become the best representatives of Christ we can be. He longs to lead us closer to Jesus. We would be foolish and shortsighted to resist His teaching and the discipline that goes with it.

God loves us. He has plans for us that we cannot even imagine. He instructs us through the Word and the Spirit and also through each other. I pray we embrace every type of instruction that comes to teach us how to live holy and godly lives that show the abundant love He has for the world.


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