It must be almost 2 weeks since I read this typo but as it still speaks to me I thought I’d share it. To put it in context I received a prayer email and somewhere in the midst was this phrase:

… a sensitive heart to heart Your voice

You will gather that the second heart ought to be hear but it was a fortunate mistake because it set me thinking about hearing God’s voice.

I don’t hear it with my ears in the private quiet times. He speaks to me through sermons, videos, music and then my ears are included absolutely. He speaks to me through His Word and then my eyes are involved but in both of those types of hearing it’s something inside me that identifies it as His voice.

I say it’s my heart, not the lump of flesh that pumps blood but the place that skipped a beat when I spoke to Mark for the first time. That overflowed with emotion when I held our first (and second) child. The place that stutters sometimes when fear comes knocking. That heart.

That’s the heart I find myself praying daily that God will renew, change, refresh, soften. The more I ask the more I seem to notice its hardness so that has become my constant prayer.

That’s not a bad thing I think. Proverbs 4:23 says Guard your heart above all else because it is the wellspring of life. I couldn’t find a translation that used that word though I clearly remember it from the past. Most say ‘from it come the springs of life’ which I guess is the same idea. There’s something about ‘wellspring’ though. Definitions include: “an original and bountiful source of something” or “a source of continual supply” You can see why I would need to guard that.

Back to the typo. I want a sensitive heart to hear God’s voice. I want a sensitive heart to love God’s voice so that I want to hear it. Guarding your heart doesn’t mean hardening it, putting barbed wire around it with machine gun towers or thick barred windows. It’s more like the way athletes guard their bodies. They monitor everything they put into their mouths, consider their equipment, ensure they get enough sleep and put effort into the right exercises. They know all those things will affect their performance.

It’s not a sensitive heart that swoons and cowers but a sensitive heart made tender by God, a heart made strong because He lives there. It makes me brave and able to do all things He asks me to. It’s a heart that gets battered and scarred but that gets renewed every time I remember to ask.

It’s the new heart He promised.

It’s the heart He deserves to have loving and listening and answering.



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