The mouth of the righteous is a spring of life,
    but words spoken by the wicked cover up violent schemes.

Proverbs 10:11

A spring of life…. hmmmmm. A life-giving fountain. Can I say honestly that my words give life? Can I say that my words give blessing?

I have not kept Your righteousness to myself, sealed up in the secret places of my heart;
    instead, I boldly tell others how You save and how loyal You are.
I haven’t been shy to talk about Your love, nor have I been afraid to tell Your truth
    before the great assembly of Your people.

Psalm 40:10

Hmmmmmm. No comment.

Maybe if I remembered this:

You have done so many wonderful things,
    had so many tender thoughts toward us, Eternal my God,
    that go on and on, ever increasing.
Who can compare with You?

Psalm 40:5

Tender thoughts… hmm. You mean God’s not mad at me? You mean God loves me even though I have a secret place where I seal up His righteousness and ‘forget’ to be a fountain of life? He does wonderful things to me and for me even though I am shy when it comes to telling people God is good and afraid of standing up before crowds?

I’d like to be a fountain of life, bringing blessing to everyone I meet. Seems God would like that too… and He’s not mad at me for failing. He always encourages, always thinks the best, always loves and supports me. He is always patient and kind. If I shared that truth and emulated that truth I think I’d be starting to fulfill His desires for my life.


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