February 22 – Blemished

Forgiven. Loved.
Forgive. Love.



As long as the serious disease lasts, they will be ceremonially unclean. They must live in isolation in their place outside the camp. (Leviticus 13:26)

Read: Leviticus 13:1-59, Mark 6:1-29, Psalm 39:1-13, Proverbs 10:10

Relate: You don’t normally see younger girls wearing the hijab. Maintaining the fiction that is is always something done by choice and not an imposition placed on them by culture, neighbors, and/or family most girls who wear it start doing so somewhere between the ages of ten and fifteen. I don’t know if there are any formalities or regulations surrounding this and it hasn’t been something I have felt comfortable asking but it is a rare thing to see a girl under ten wearing one. There are, of course exceptions and one of those is a seven year old girl in one of my classes. For her the hijab is a mercy. It covers up burn…

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