Silver Promises

“I will rise up,” says the Eternal,
    “because the poor are being trampled, and the needy groan for My saving help.
    I will lift them up to the safety they long for.”
The promises of the Eternal, they are true, they are pure—
    like silver refined in a furnace,
    purified seven times, they will be without impurity.

Psalm 12:5-6

Our God has a heart of love and compassion for all people. He loved the whole world so much that Jesus came to save us from our sin and separation from Him. Anyone who calls on the name of Jesus, who accepts and confesses their need of His salvation, who submits to the guidance of the Holy Spirit in living their life can be called a child of God.

That’s the truth we accept and believe as Christians, we are all equal in God’s sight. But God identifies, throughout His Word, a group of people for whom He has a special care: the poor and the oppressed.

Oppression is a word we use easily. Kids claim to be oppressed by parents because they are restricted from doing what they want or expected to do things they don’t want. Groups of people in our society claim oppression when their rights are restricted and perhaps they are right. But there are people across the world who suffer oppression that we have no understanding of.

People who are homeless and landless because of wars and fighting. People who have to sell their daughters into slavery in order to feed their other children. People who work long hours in dreadful conditions for a pittance of pay. People who are forbidden from owning a bible. people who are forbidden to meet together and pray. People who are forbidden from believing in Christ.

God sees these people. He loves them as much as He loves us and He expects us to love them too. We might not be able to give all we would like, we might not be able to sell all we have and go and serve them, we might not be able to change anything physically ourselves. But there is one thing we can do and that is pray. Prayer is powerful and changes situations and people.

The verses above say that God’s promises are like refined silver; they are pure, without compromise or fault, not subject to change. He promises to help the poor, the oppressed, the widows, the orphans. He chooses to use us to do that. He has commanded us to change the world by bringing His kingdom wherever we go. He has commanded us to do miracles, to be light and salt, to love Him and to love our neighbours.

It seems like an impossible task in our eyes but that just means we need to stop looking at the problem and look instead to the solution. Look at the One who holds all things in being and who is the answer. When we have Him as the focus of our lives we know how to pray, we learn when and how to speak, we know when to go and we know how to give.


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