25 Songs of Christmas (#16 – Happy Xmas)

I ignored this yesterday because – well I wasn’t going to pack up and go to Syria and it seemed hypocritical to reblog it because of that. Today I read about 9 deaths in Vancouver Eastside Thursday night because they overdosed on drugs. At the weekend I heard about people living in tents very close to our church building.

I might not be able to go to Syria, but the challenge here applies for every situation and some of them are too close to me for any excuses.


In case your head has been in the sand this past week, you know that a global tragedy has been occurring in the city of Aleppo. Some of you might not realize that this is just 100 kilometers south of me and that I am regularly meeting with refugees, some of whom are from this city. When I have challenged you on days 10 and 12 to get up and go, it is not just your average social justice warrior raging at the world. It is more like Paul telling Timothy, follow me as I follow Christ. I think if Jesus was on earth today he would be living in a place like Aleppo. But then again, iif we are here then Jesus is living on earth today. So where are we? There have been many hundreds who have answered this call, but why has this area not been virtually flooded…

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