25 Songs of Christmas (#9 Silver Bells)

Moments of joy amid the extravagant ever increasing hustling and bustling cacophony of demands


As much as I don’t like the snow and cold, I have to admit that there is a certain beauty to some types snowfalls. There are some days when the air is almost cold and dry, there is sunlight from the rising or closing of a day even though overhead there are clouds. The flakes that come down are large and lazy. You can almost watch each and every one independently drift its way to the ground and they occasionally catch that sunlight and refract a rainbow of color as they glisten upon their merry way.

This was not one of those days. The snow was coming down thick and hard but it was just warm enough that it was that nasty heavy stuff where you can barely tell if it is heavy rain or thick snow. Normally it is not a long walk from my parking spot to the front…

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