Eyes On Me

Well, what a day! This isn’t a political post but I’d like to comment on something I heard as I watched the results come in. The commentators were discussing how Hillary lost. They talked about the way both candidates were seen. They talked about the perceptions people gained from listening to talk about the candidates and watching them in action and how those perceptions affected their votes possibly more than the policies.

Study to be wise, my son, and make my heart glad,
    for then your life will be my answer to anyone who hurls insults.

Proverbs 27:11

... I will put My holiness on display by the way you live as all the world watches!

Ezekiel 20:41

Actions speak louder than words.

People are watching us. Some waiting to jump up and say ‘ahah – I thought you were supposed to be a Christian?’, others to assess if the things we say about God match up with the things we do, still others to follow our example.

We understand how salvation works – that forgiveness is freely given, that God loves us and holiness is to be pursued but not attained this side of Heaven. People watching us hear us talk about sin and salvation. They hear us talk about having a relationship with Jesus and how we have been changed. But do they see it?

It’s God’s work to save people, no arguments, no buts, no ifs. But He has made us His witnesses. It’s a funny word ‘witness’ – it means to see, hear or know personally (it comes from an Old English word meaning knowledge or understanding). We don’t talk about what we don’t know, we talk about what we do know: about Who we know.

 When people take a good look at us they should see something they can’t explain, can’t understand without accepting that there’s a God who has loved us and is changing us.

I wrote that last week, it was true then, it’s true now, it’ll be true tomorrow…

But is it true in me? Is it true in you?


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