What a Jeremiah?

Although it’s not in common use these days the term ‘a Jeremiah’ was applied to people who were pessimists of the worst sort foreseeing calamities and disaster ahead. What an injustice to the Prophet whose book I was reading today. After all, they aren’t his words but what God is saying. And anyone who has read chapters 31-33 would never apply that opinion to him anyway. Those chapters contain promises and hope that made my heart dance for joy when I read them again.

31 Look, the days are coming when I will bring about a new covenant with the people of Israel and Judah.

33 This is the kind of new covenant I will make with the people of Israel when those days are over. I will put My law within them. I will write it on their hearts. I will be their God, and they will be My people. 34 No longer will people have to teach each other or encourage their family members and say, “You must know the Eternal.” For all of them will know Me intimately themselves—from the least to the greatest of society. I will be merciful when they fail and forgive their wrongs. I will never call to mind or mention their sins again.

Jeremiah 31:31, 33-34

Written on our hearts! Not carved on stone tablets locked in a sacred box we can’t access or even go near but on our hearts. We don’t have to be priest or king to communicate with God at special times or in special ways we can know Him intimately. The thing people forget is that this was always God’s plan – right from the beginning. In the garden, He came down and walked with them (Genesis 3:8) until they disobeyed and chose another way. He revealed Himself to Abram, calling Abraham His friend (James 2:23) and a man of promise. He made the Israelites, Abraham’s descendants, His special people. Then they demanded a king, someone to be between them and God. We can see how well that worked out…

So now it is plain that people just cannot get it right on their own, cannot live up to the standards of a Holy God by their own efforts, God makes His best and final ‘deal’ or Covenant. A New Covenant that will ensure all who accept it can have that right standing, right relationship necessary to know and love God. This new covenant was sealed by the death of Jesus for our sins. It’s because of that that we are now made right with God and can have this intimate knowledge of who He is and what He requires of us.

We don’t come in fear and trembling worrying that God is going to smite us with lightning, we can come boldly (Hebrews 4:16), we can ask for help knowing that God already knows what we need and is eager to give it. We can know that we are loved beyond anything we could experience elsewhere (1 John 3:1). We can know forgiveness for our sin, our failings and we can have lives that are transformed day by day to show God’s love to others.

What a Saviour! What a GOD!

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