Every Little Thing

Maybe you are hearing the same song I am, don’t get too engrossed I intend to direct you away from the Police to a loving Father for at least a little while but hopefully longer.

I was praying for a friend this morning. I’m an emotional person, I feel things deeply so I often cry during prayer and even though I was walking the dog at the time my eyes were welling as I brought the situation to Him.

I was in the midst of asking God to support and encourage them in the situation, telling Him how they must be at the end of their wits worrying about tomorrow and the day after and what ifs. I was telling Him that I prayed they would turn and trust Him for all their needs, that He would supply all their needs. As I prayed, with wet eyes, I felt God’s gentle smile and raised eyebrow (I say felt because it wasn’t a ‘vision’ but the knowing…)

Oh. That was all I could say as I had one of those ‘Oh’ moments.

Maybe you got one too?

I need to rely on God for all my needs even if I have a healthy bank account. Even if my home is warm and dry and comfortable. Even if my cupboards are stocked and my wardrobe burgeoning. Even if I have an employer to rely on to fill that bank account. Even if I am healthy and whole. None of those things are mine to take for granted. Not one of them is mine because I deserve it. I only have to look at the injustice and oppression in the world to recognise that I am so blessed I should be exploding with praise and thanks to Him and mercy and grace to others.

God wasn’t mad at me, or scolding me. he loves me and is happy I talk to Him. this was a gentle reminder that rich or poor, sickness or health, happiness or sorrow, rain or shine, fire or flood I trust Him for all I have and all I am.

Every little thing He does can feel magical if I pay attention. He certainly pays attention to me.

For in him we live and move and have our being.

Acts 17:28


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