When It’s Hard to Trust God

Honesty and Truth


I settled with God.

I settled in my relationship with Him. And I told myself that where I was in life was good enough.

I settled for, “I’m doing enough,” and for, “I’m Christian-enough” (whatever that means…)

I fight a habit of settling for the minimum. And I caught it in another area of my life this summer.

I had stayed away from God, because I was afraid that He would change me.

I let my relationship with Him drift and I let space in between us; allowing distractions, work, and daily demands to fill in the gap.

But I wasn’t too busy, I wasn’t really distracted.

I was really scared.

I was scared that He would take my boyfriend. I was nervous that He would tell me I was with the wrong friends, I wasn’t going the right direction, that I was in the wrong major, or that I…

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