If It’s Such Good News…

My heart is ready, O God;
    my heart is ready,
And I will sing!
    Yes, I will sing praise!
Wake up, my glory!
    Wake up, harp and lyre;
    I will stir the sleepy dawn with praise!

Psalm 57:7-8

The only response when we recognise the love God has for us when we begin to understand what He has done for us when we are confronted by the awesomeness of God – is Praise. From the moment we awake to the last second before we sleep praise and worship of an amazing God ought to fill our minds, hearts and lips.

When we praise and worship  – not just as a body in a building but in our everyday lives as we get on with all the things that need doing  – we get changed. It’s impossible to let your mind be filled with the good things about God and not be transformed by it. Thinking about God and His goodness causes us to rejoice; how can it not when we remember and experience His grace and mercy towards us and give thanks?

With joy in each step, you will drink deeply from the springs of salvation.
You’ll want to sing out that day,

People: Give thanks to the Eternal; call on His name.
    Spread the news throughout the world of what He has done
        and how great is His name!

Isaiah 12:3-4

Isaiah says it perfectly here joy makes us drink deeply so we grow in understanding of what God has done and it makes us want to sing and proclaim that God is good.

Both the psalmist and Isaiah come to the same conclusion. They understand that experiencing God’s goodness, His Salvation, His mercy, His glory is something we cannot keep quiet about.

I will offer You my thanks, O Lord, before the nations of the world;
    I will sing of Your greatness no matter where I am.

Psalm 57:9

Sing praises to the Eternal!
    Everyone, everywhere should know that God acts in amazing ways.

Isaiah 12:5

We aren’t on a contract whereby if we don’t tell ‘x’ number of people we lose our salvation or if we reach ‘y’ number we get an end of year bonus. We can’t earn our salvation by proclaiming God’s goodness and mercy. But if we understand that God’s grace means a fresh start and a new life, if we have experienced love, joy, peace and hope, if we believe that His love gives us a firm, immovable foundation and if we know that only God can offer eternal Life then why would we not want others to know that too?


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