So today we started reading about Esther. I see her as a quiet, demure, beautiful young woman. She’s pretty much the image of all that makes a perfect woman, she is that heroine in old movies who waited patiently to be rescued relying on the men around her to guide and lead her, to advise her. And to a modern, independent woman she is offensive. Our world says a real woman doesn’t wait for a ‘prince’ to rescue her, she rescues herself.

Isn’t that the way books, movies, tv shows, the media wants us to see real women? Doing it for themselves, not needing any man, out there breaking the glass ceiling, in the world kicking butts and taking names? Before anyone takes offence I am not suggesting there’s anything wrong with that – men and women are, and should be, equally able to work, earn, succeed and live in this world without fear of oppression, discrimination or persecution.

However, there’s one place where men and women alike need to be rescued.  Where they need to rely on someone else for a way out. There’s one guide, one leader, one advisor we all need to be dependent on. I have written about this before but it is possibly one of the hardest yet most important things to get to grips with.

We need a saviour. We can’t save ourselves from the burden and weight of sin, from the things we do that estrange us from God. We can’t make up for the things we do or neglect to do that rebel against the Sovereign creator of all things.

God, in His grace and mercy, did it for us. He opened the Way. He straightened the path. He paid the price. He redeemed our debt. He did it and – in complete opposition to our independent and prideful nature – all we can do is accept it. All we are able to do is receive the gift. It’s uncomfortable, isn’t it? In a world where we are told to make our own way, to be self-made, to forge our path, that God helps those who help themselves it’s against the grain to let God do it for us. But that’s Salvation. That’s recognising that He and only He is able to provide for us the one thing we need more than anything else and that He offers it without charge.

Don’t let your self-confidence, pride, independence stop you receiving this gift OR stop you enjoying the fullness of it.

 The payoff for a life of sin is death, but God is offering us a free gift—eternal life through our Lord Jesus, the Anointed One, the Liberating King.

Romans 6:23

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