Bite the Bullet

I realised this morning that there are some changes I just hate. I received an email from Microsoft last year about the decommissioning of Live Mail in Windows, I took a look at the Mail app in Windows 10 and stuck my head in the sand ignoring it. They sent me another email last month that I kept in my inbox – reluctantly intending to do something if I really had to and this week I got another email and am forced to bite the bullet, make the change and try to make sense of the app. I had all my Gmail email forwarded to my Hotmail account and currently I have two copies of any Gmail mail in my linked inbox. (That bit is easy to sort – it’s all the folders and the ease of dragging and dropping which will now be denied.) I guess my choice is to unlink the Gmail accounts and continue forwarding but that seems like cheating. Don’t judge me.

It would have been more sensible to ‘bite the bullet’ back when I got Windows 10 and make the change then when I got all the other new shiny apps and services. I preferred to take half of the new and keep half of the old. Does that sound familiar? It reminds me of the Israelites I wrote about yesterday and the fact I am deep into Kings and it is going to be an ongoing saga of moving forward and backsliding. Today I read about Asa who destroyed the goddess statue his mother had set up to worship but he left the high places. Despite this it says:

11 Asa did what was good in the Eternal’s eyes, just as his ancestor David had.

14 The high places were left alone. Asa did not touch them, but his heart belonged wholly to the Eternal One for his entire life.

1 Kings 15:11,14

Isn’t that incredible? He loved God with all his heart, it belonged entirely to God even as he left some things undone. God is so gracious and merciful. I wonder if Asa looked at the high places and thought ‘I ought to do something about that but…’? And got on with the other important things. God is gracious and merciful, He sees that bigger picture but there comes a time when God gives you no other choice but to bite that bullet, to do the hard thing and obey.

This is a tricky thing because given the chance we will make any sort of excuse to keep the status quo and not rock the boat so please don’t read that I am saying God doesn’t care what I do. However, it’s not my job to make myself righteous. It’s not my job to make you righteous. That job – thank God – belongs to Jesus and He has gloriously and completely finished it. It’s not even my job to put that righteousness into effect – that is also His job, the work of His Holy Spirit. My job is to cooperate, to stay as close to Him as possible so that He can do what needs doing in His time.

He’s not ignoring my sin, my flaws, He’s not condoning them. He hates sin but my sin is paid for, covered, cleansed. He has perfect timing. That means when He says ‘Now’s the time to deal with that.’ He means right now and I obey. I know from experience His priorities aren’t mine, but I also trust that He knows best – always.

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