Held Secure

Life is getting busier. It’s wonderful and annoying at the same time, more wonderful than annoying thankfully but I have gotten used to an easy, plenty-of-time-to-do-everything, all-things-at-the-time-I-plan-them kind of life. As I try and fit more things in and things get displaced or moved around I get irritable. I guess change does that, it stirs us up, mixes us around and – God willing – leaves us better than we were.

I guess I am still thinking about peace. Today’s Psalm is spectacular. Psalm 121 go and read it, the link is in the name.

He holds you firmly in place;
He will not let you fall.
    He who keeps you will never take His eyes off you and never drift off to sleep.

Psalm 121:3

All of the Psalm is wonderfully assuring but this verse resonated this morning.

We are held secure.

He’s never going to fall asleep on watch.

He’s never even going to take His eyes off me. I’ve had two babies and at first I never took my eyes off them but I grew tired, I got distracted, I had other responsibilities. Not God, He never stops watching over me (and you) . He’s omnipotent which helps a lot, He can watch over me and you and our neighbour and everyone in the world at the same time and do all the other God stuff too.

He doesn’t get irritable and too busy or drop things because other things come up. He is constant and committed to loving me, to caring for me, to watching over me, to being my God.

Held secure – what a God!


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