Praise Where Praise is Due

Today, as I read John’s gospel, verses I am certain I have never noticed before made themselves prominent.

26 The day is coming when you will make a request in My name, but I will not represent you before the Father. 27 You will be heard directly by the Father. The Father loves you because you love Me and know that I come from the Father.

John 16:26-27

I mean come on! we know that we can come to the Father only through Jesus, He is our Mediator the One who sets us right with God, He is our Righteousness, our Saviour, our Justification. But He says that because we love Him the Father will hear us and answer us without Jesus needing to say anything. It’s mindblowing. It’s humbling.

Think about it again. I’ll break it down. Jesus says that one day after He has gone to the Father and when He will be right there with the Father we will pray in His name. He has commanded us time after time to pray in His name promising that whatever we ask in His name will be done. He says that when we do that He won’t need to say “Father please do as they ask”; He won’t need to put in a good word for us. No. The Father will look at us and see that we love Jesus, see that we recognise who Jesus is. And, because we love Jesus, the Father will love us. He will love us, hear us and fulfill our requests.

I don’t know about you but I always have this picture that when I pray – Jesus hears and presents my prayers to the Father. I pray through Him. This is a shift, I still come to the Father through Jesus, I am clothed in Him, in His righteousness but when I boldly step before the throne of Grace I am in direct communion with Father. I knew that but this verse is just shifting my understanding. This is what it means to go within the veil, behind the curtain to the place where Jesus went already.

It’s not that I am thinking – oh man years of praying wrong… not one bit. God is God and He hears and answers because He is gracious and merciful not because I get the formula right. But, this gives me a new perspective on what my prayers mean to Him. It’s His pleasure to have me realise just what Jesus did for me. When I can speak and be heard because I love and recognise Jesus then THAT GIVES GLORY TO JESUS. When a person is given an honour because of their relationship with someone else it is the other person who is truly being honoured, ultimately seen as the one of worth. That’s what this is about – my ability to be recognised by the Father gives honour to Jesus – it is because He is worthy not because I am.

What does this mean? It means that today when I was praying for the Somali people and just got overwhelmed by the vastness of the problems in the world and I cried out to God. The Father heard me, He looked at the Son and waves of joy and pride and love filled that Throne Room as His heart swelled because I was seeing who Jesus truly was – the Truth, the answer, the only One who could help. It means whenever I pray the Father rejoices and the Son is glorified – and it’s the Spirit inspires me to do that. What glory, what goodness, what mercy.

God truly is good.


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